Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My photo document shows the unlimited possibilities of man to remain connected no matter what, through the internet, and Apple products such as the iPod and iPad. The background is a map of the internet, the connections that are being made every second. The infinite connections allow man to stay connected no matter where they are, despite great distances as the outer space element suggests. Both astronauts have the new iPhone 4, with face to face video chat, and internet, as well as many other tools. The astronaut in the foreground has an iPad, the newer smaller more portable laptop replacement, and he is watching ESPN3.com on it, which allows viewers to watch nearly every sporting event televised on their computer through their cable provider.  The internet and smart phones allow for zero breaks in communication; people can be reached no matter what through the brand new mediums of technology. Even face to face conversation is available through your cell phone.

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