Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Persuaders

* neuromarketing ( psychological )
Pepsi vs. Coke:  Pepsi held a blind taste test of Pepsi vs. Coke, where more people preferred Pepsi, they all said Coke was better. Marketing and image has helped Coke gain popularity, holding more influence than Pepsi, despite Pepsi's scientific appeal of the brain. 
* emotional branding
Apple: Apple has created a relationship with its consumers by showing strong corporate ethic, and an easily recognizable brand.  Their keen understanding of the consumer has allowed them to gain popularity and influence consumers to continue buying their product.
* branding/creating a culture around a brand
Nike: Nike is a giant when it comes to branding. They have built a culture that extends to all sports, baseball, basketball, football, soccer, track and field, snowboarding, skateboarding and more. Nearly everyone owns something Nike because the image it comes with is so valuable. 
* narrowcasting
Cable Television: things like cable TV require a consumer to log in or subscribe to something to view the content. Cable TV is only shown to a specific audience, those who have purchased the service.
* rhetorical marketing
McDonalds: McDonalds uses rhetoric to pull in consumers. Visual appeal in marketing creates strong feelings for the consumers, as well as using its strong brand image and tradition for consumers to return.
* under the radar marketing
Corona: Corona beer became the number one selling imported beer in America through under the radar marketing. The Mexican beer was first introduced in cities with large Mexican populations, in stores and restaurants. They remained out of sight of competitors until they took over because their marketing was almost invisible.
* across-media marketing this website constantly runs Super Bowl ads on TV, which must be continued on their website. It's a way to reach millions of consumers, then pull them to their website with their appealing commercials left in cliffhangers.
* product placement across media
Under Armour: UA is just one example out of thousands, but in the movie the Blind Side, UA was used exclusively on all of the gear, football equipment and clothing of the actors.
* guerrilla marketing
The Sopranos: HBO's hit show The Sopranos used guerrilla marketing, placing fake body parts in/on taxis, playing on the crime aspect of the show.
* viral marketing
Cloverfield: This film used viral marketing in the beginning, showing online teaser trailers, not revealing the name and only giving a date, which turned out to be the release date. Cloverfield had web pages created alluding to characters and companies from the movie as well for consumers to examine before seeing the film.

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